Our Products

Our Products

Since 1978 Coastal Wire has been dedicated to perfecting the Manufacturing of wire products. Even today we continue to be innovative in coming up with new ideas and seeking ways to create the best product available on the market with the strongest Quality Guarantee behind it. Our Employees are committed to ensuring that the products you order are the best on the market. We at Coastal Wire want you to have peace of mind, when ordering, that the products with our brand on them are nothing short of superior. Always ask for Coastal Wire products from your suppliers or distributors.

Our Products Coil Wire Box Wire Bale ties Bright wire Straight & cut wire High tensile galvanized wire Double Loop Bale Ties Catch Weight & Soft Coils

About Coastal Wire Company

Coastal Wire Company is the premier provider of wire products to the recycling and galvanizing industries, and continues to innovate in the manufacture of fully-annealed, high-strength baling, tying and specialty wire products.

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