Wire for Two-Ram Baler Applications

Balers provide an ideal solution for compacting waste, providing easier storage, transport, and disposal in numerous facilities and worksites. Two-ram balers have become a popular choice for a variety of commercial, industrial, and construction applications due to their increased efficiency over single-ram solutions. Two-ram balers see broad usage in solid waste processing, material recovery, recycling, distribution centers, scrap metal yards, and many other use cases.

What are Two-Ram Balers?

Benefits of Using a Two Ram Baler

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Sometimes called double-cylinder balers, two-ram balers use two cylinders for baling materials. The cylinders may be horizontal or vertical based on the particular setup and machine. The primary advantage of the two-ram baler is the larger size and density of the bales it creates. Two-ram balers are well-suited to baling a variety of waste materials, including:

  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Fiber
  • Paper
  • Textiles
  • Tires

Of note, two-ram balers are actually the only choice for tire baling, as single-ram balers cannot handle the rebound from the tires.

Implementing a wire tier with a two-ram baler makes baling materials easy by securing a wire with high tensile strength to the bale after completion. A wire tier reduces the cost of baling, increases performance and reliability, and reduces downtime. High-quality wire tiers use a precisely timed torque tube to knot the wire and feature a removable parts cartridge for easy maintenance.

The Benefits of Using a Two-Ram Baler

Two-ram balers can deliver a wide range of benefits to industrial facilities that process waste and recyclables. Two-ram balers offer the following advantages:

  • Processing flexibility. Two-ram balers possess a heavy and spacious chamber that is fully enclosed, allowing a diverse range of materials to be processed.
  • Improved structural soundness. Two-ram balers deliver reliability and longevity thanks to a sturdy one-piece sidewall that limits failure points.
  • Reduced energy consumption. Leading baler technology reduces energy consumption while increasing the efficiency and speed of the machine.
  • Reduced costs. Materials require less breaking-down before being placed in the large opening of the two-ram baler. These machines can also fit more material into a single bale, reducing labor and downtime costs.
  • Improved safety. Two-ram balers rely on the latest technology to ensure safer baler operation and service.
  • Better efficiency. Two-ram balers increase efficiency when processing heavy materials or large volumes that would overwhelm a single-ram or manual baler.
  • Ease of maintenance. Two-ram balers reduce the preparation involved in baling and can implement automatic wire tiers with variable spacing and strap counts.

Choosing the Right Wire for Your Baler Application

There are a variety of wires available for baling equipment, including:

  • Black annealed wire – A soft wire that works with any baling machine. The wire is corrosion-resistant and coated with oil to reduce friction in the baler machine.
  • High tensile wire – Wire made with optimal tensile strength to withstand transportation without breaking. It comes in various gauges and works well with strapper wire tiers on two-ram balers.
  • Single-loop wire – Available in black annealed wire, galvanized wire, and carbon steel wire, single-loop wire is ideal for vertical balers but must be hand tied. It is also highly flexible.
  • Double-loop wire – Pre-cut lengths with a bend and loop on each end. They allow workers to tie materials quickly by snapping the ends together with no twisting, making them ideal for high-volume processing.
  • Box wire – A type of black annealed wire packaged by weight in 50-lb. or 100-lb. boxes. It works for all types of single-ram balers and is lightly lubricated to reduce friction and corrosion.

At Coastal Wire Co., we offer a wide range of two-ram baler wires to meet a diverse range of needs, including:

  • KleenGreen Bale Ties: Available in lengths of up to 22’ and 11-14.5 gauge. Features a clean finish, increased elongation and tying ease, and decreased breakage.
  • Black Annealed Bale Ties: Available in 10-21’ lengths and 11-14 gauge. Can be palletized for stackable shipping and storage.
  • Galvanized Bale Ties: Available in 10-22’ lengths and 11-14.5 gauge. Can also be palletized.

About Coastal Wire Company

Two-ram balers can deliver various benefits to industrial facilities that need to process waste and recyclables. They can also implement wire tiers for automated bale tying according to pre-set specifications. Coastal Wire Company has been providing innovative baling wire solutions to recycling centers and other industrial facilities since 1978. We can deliver a variety of high-quality wire solutions for two-ram balers of all makes.

The Coastal Wire Company product line now also includes an innovative, heavy-duty MDC 24/7 Two Ram Wire Strapper to save wire, time, and money. The MDC 24/7 offers benefits such as:

  • Shortening average knot length by more than two inches to save wire
  • 95% knot strength
  • Four driven reversible wheels with built-in wear gauges
  • Wear parts that are replaceable in 10 minutes
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Right-hand and left-hand feed options
  • A floating gripper
  • Custom sizes

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