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Baling wire is a type of wire that is used to bind materials together for disposal. It is most commonly used in the agricultural and recycling industries and other industrial applications.

A baling wire manufacturer produces this type of wire for various industries, making it an essential part of many manufacturing processes. When looking for a quality baling wire manufacturer, it is crucial to consider the specific needs of your industry.

By working with Coastal Wire Company, we will understand your unique requirements, ensuring that you get the right product for your needs.

Industry sectors served by Coastal Wire Company

Baling wire manufacturers serve the baling industry with their wide range of products. Each sector needs specific needs to be met to produce an effective and efficient baling operation. While there are some general similarities between the various types of wire, the needs of each industry can vary greatly. Here are the industries Coastal Wire Company serves:

Agricultural industry

In the agricultural industry, baling wire is called bale, farm, haywire, or soft wire. It can be used for various activities, including fence repair and manually binding hay balers. Our baling wire is frequently used for baling hay and branches in various non-agricultural applications, such as joining corrugated cardboard, paper, textiles, aluminum, and other materials.

Close-up picture of baling wire
Construction wire on a coil

Construction industry

Lumber, cement, steel, and other construction materials generate a lot of waste at construction sites. These materials are secured together by baling wire to keep them safe and secure. As a result, they can be stored properly and transported conveniently, ensuring the safety of those working on the site.

Mining industry

Balers and trash compactors are integral to waste management at mining and construction sites. Huge bales of compacted trash are created using baling wire and compacters. This way, raw materials are bound together and secured equipment through baling wires.

Baling wire for compacting trash
Coils of wire used to bind and secure packages

Packaging industry

Baling wire keeps packages together by securing them. Boxes and pipes that must remain together can be tied together with baling wire. In addition to obtaining product packaging, wire mesh is used to manufacture packaging molds.

Recycling industry

There are many uses for baling wires in the recycling industry. Waste is compressed by recycling equipment called balers. Among the compressed materials are those made of plastic, metal, textiles, cardboard, and such.

As a result, bales are compressed into cube-shaped structures that make storing and transporting waste bales easier. Scrapyards are kept free from scarps that fall apart by tying these cubes or bales together with baling wire. Cleaning and organizing the facility floor is made more accessible by doing this.

Wire being used in the recycling industry

Coastal Wire Co for your baling project

Here are the types of baling wires we offer you that you can use for any application:

Wire being used in the recycling industry

KleenGreen™ Bale Ties

KleenGreen is a new type of baling wire developed by Coastal Wire Company. This wire offers the benefits of black annealed wire, including less breakage, more excellent elongation, and easier tying while maintaining the cleanest finish.


• Sizes 11 gauge, 12 gauge, 13 gauge, and 14 gauge are available.
• We offer wire lengths of up to 22 feet.
• The wires in a bundle are divided into 62, 125, or 250 pieces.
• Bundles can be dispensed one at a time from special pallets or Gaylord boxes.
• Black bale ties

Black Annealed Bale Ties

There are many benefits to palletizing – reducing shipping damage, storing pallets to save space, and dispensing one bundle at a time – but most of our customers prefer palletized packages for a variety of reasons:

• We offer 11, 12, 13, and 14 gauge wire.
• The wire lengths range from 10 to 21 feet.
• Wires are packaged in bundles of 125 or 250.
• Galvanized bale ties

Black Annealed Bale Ties in a coil
Coastal Wire Company galvanized bale ties

Galvanized Bale Ties

Palletized packages are advantageous for many reasons: less risk of shipping damage, easier storage because pallets stack well, and one bundle is dispensed at a time on the pallet. Here’s what we offer you:

• Various wire sizes are available, including 11, 12, 13, 14, and 14.5 gauge.
• Ten to 22 feet of wire length.
• There are 62, 125, and 250 wires in each bundle.

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We’re the experts in baling wire – let us help you get the job done right

While baling wire may seem only applicable to the agricultural industry, it is used in various industries. Here at Coastal Wire Company, we proudly serve several industries with our high-quality products. The most common industries we work with include agriculture, manufacturing, and construction industry.

We understand the unique needs of each industry and work hard to create products that meet those needs. Contact us today if you are looking for a reliable baling wire manufacturer. We would be happy to discuss your specific needs and provide you with a quote for our services.

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