About Coastal Wire Co.

In 1978, Coastal Wire Co. began production in rented facilities in Andrews, South Carolina, manufacturing high carbon spring wire for the bedding industry. In 1980, the company installed wire annealing furnaces, and redirected production to the manufacture of black annealed, automatic baling wire and bale ties.

During this time, The American Baler Company was promoting their “NSC” series of balers for producing large bales of unshredded, recycled corrugated boxes. American Baler Co. was having difficulty obtaining a tying wire which had sufficient elongation to twist six times to make a knot, and enough strength to contain the expanding bale as it emerged from the baler. After extensive trials, Coastal Wire Co. developed a practice to manufacture the wire for this specific purpose, and became the recommended wire supplier for the American Baler Company’s high density presses.

In 1986, construction began on a new plant situated on 11 acres of land in Georgetown, South Carolina – just 14 miles away from the original Andrews operation. Based on the 9 years of experience gained at the Andrews facility, the new plant was designed and built specifically for the manufacture of automatic baling wire.

Completed in February 1990, the plant consists of a 31,500 square foot production building with a 24 ft. eve height and two Traveling cranes capable of running the full 350 ft. length of the building. Rebuilt Lee Wilson bell annealing furnaces were installed during construction and all equipment was completely refurbished before being moved from the old Andrews plant. In addition to the furnaces, the company owns and operates equipment for the manufacture of coiled wire, box wire, bale ties and straightened and cut wire. Over the last 15 years, the company has expanded operations several times to accommodate increased demand for our products. Coastal Wire now has over 60,000 feet of manufacturing space.

Coastal Wire Co. is committed to the recycling industry, and will continue to innovate and specialize in the manufacture of fully-annealed, high-strength tying wire for balers.

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