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Coastal Wire Quality

The difference in quality between baling wire manufacturers lies mainly in the process by which they anneal (or heat treat) the baling wire. We FULLY ANNEAL all of our products using controlled-atmosphere, bell annealing furnaces which results in the most consistent wire available to the baling industry. Other manufacturers may employ an inferior process of strand annealing which is less consistent due to the open air heating and rapid cooling of the wire.

At Coastal Wire Co., we are able to achieve superior ductility and elongation (minimum of 25% in a 10 inch sample) in our baling wire while maintaining a physical strength of 65,000 to 75,000 psi. In the baling of materials with excessive memory, extra ductility is essential in order to avoid wire knot breakage. By employing the use of bell annealing furnaces, and by following specific heating and cooling procedures developed only at Coastal Wire, our products are free of such quality issues.

Coastal Wire Quality Guarantee

All our wire has the following guarantee:

Quite simple – If there are ANY problems at all with our wire, we will replace it immediately at our expense.

Coastal Wire Co. has established an extremely rigid quality control practice. A sample of wire is cut from the top and bottom of each coil of annealed wire for testing prior to shipping on carriers or produced into another product. Wire that does not meet product specifications is rejected.

The following procedure should be followed in the unlikely event that we ship a product that is out of specification:

  • Contact your Coastal Wire sales rep as soon as the problem is discovered, so that we begin to troubleshoot.
  • If the problem is wire damage during shipment – it must be noted on the BOL – please photograph the damaged wire and call us to determine whether the wire should be scrapped or returned. The photograph is helpful in winning a damage claim against the freight line.
  • If the wire problem is wire breakage during use, please send us samples of the actual wire breaks along with three 12 to 14 inch samples of the unused wire for testing.
  • If the problem is wire tangling on the coil, please cut off the defective layer, usually only 1 to 2 inches deep.
  • If the problem is wire tangling from box wire, please put the defective coil to one side and we will give credit for effected wire when the pallet is completed.

We hope that you will never have to use this policy. While we strive to achieve 100% quality, this information should make it easier to handle a quality problem should one occur. Thank you for your understanding!

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