Why Coastal Wire

Coastal Wire Co. has specialized in the manufacture of FULLY annealed baling wire since 1980 (as opposed to partially- or strand-annealed baling wire). The wire is packaged in coils, 100 lb box coils, and 50 lb box coils for balers with automatic tiers. It is also formed into single loop bale ties for hand-tied baling.

Many years ago, the company realized that baling wire was a prime product since it has to meet strict metallurgical specifications: It must be strong enough to contain a compressed bale, and yet have sufficient ductility to twist around itself five times to make a secure knot.

The 2 major factors controlling wire performance are:

  1. the quality of rod from which the wire is drawn, and
  2. the method of annealing.

First, all rod purchases are approved by our Chairman who has a PhD in Metallurgical Engineering, and who has worked in the steel industry for over 25 years.

Second, after extensive metallurgical tests at our plant, we developed an annealing practice which produces a baling wire with exceptional elongation without loss of tensile strength. This practice consists of heating each coil for several hours in small, bell-type annealing furnaces, and then slow cooling the product to room temperature.

To date, many thousands of tons of baling wire have been produced following this practice, and because of its proven superior performance in the field for tying recyclable materials, our wire continues to be recommended by numerous baler manufacturers. For example, the American Baler Company in Belleview, Ohio has recommended only our wire for their high density presses.

Overall, our record for quality speaks for itself with the lowest wire breakage in the industry, and the highest quality among all baling wire manufacturers. References from current users in your area can be provided upon request.

Most importantly, all of our baling wire has the following guarantee:

Quite simple – If there are ANY problems at all with our wire, we will replace it immediately at our expense!

Finally, we offer FREE technical help with wire tying problems. We will also test the wire you are currently using, at no charge, to see if it meets the required specifications.

~ Why not give us a chance to prove ourselves?~

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