Advantages of Agricultural Wire

At Coastal Wire Company, we specialize in the manufacture of fully annealed baling wire. Due to its unique combination of strength and ductility, it is employed in a wide range of industries and industrial applications. For example, in the agricultural industry, it is often used in farming, gardening, and ranching facilities for baling, fencing, and other tying purposes.

The following article provides an overview of agriculture wire, outlining its key benefits and typical applications.

Advantages of Agricultural Wire

Similar to many other types of wire, agricultural wire is made from carbon steel. However, the material employed in its manufacture generally has a higher carbon content (around 0.28%) than those used for other wires. This compositional difference results in agricultural wire demonstrating greater tensile strength and a smaller risk of elongation when subjected to a tensile load. These properties allow industry professionals to use agricultural wires with smaller diameters in place of other wires with lower carbon content and larger diameters.

In addition to its excellent strength and structural stability, agricultural wire offers numerous other advantages over other types of wire, such as:

  • Agricultural wire is strong, ductile, and lightweight, all of which enable workers to handle the material with ease during installation.
  • As indicated above, agricultural wire demonstrates high tensile strength and low elongation properties, which allow it to withstand damage caused by livestock, falling trees, and other objects. The addition of coatings that improve the base material’s resistance to corrosion and rust makes these wires even more durable.
  • Agricultural wire exhibits many advantageous characteristics (e.g., high tensile strength, structural stability, corrosion resistance, etc.) that suit it for use in a wide range of agricultural applications. For example, it can be used to tie crops in gardens, greenhouses, and vineyards or create fencing for barnyards, chicken coops, or ranch areas.
  • Cost efficiency. Agricultural wire is generally available at a lower price point than its alternatives. Additionally, its durability can translate to lower maintenance, repair, and replacement costs over time.

Applications of Agricultural Wire

Agricultural wire is widely employed throughout the agricultural industry. Typical applications include:

  • Baling hay, branches, and other materials
  • Creating fencing, netting, or screens for crop and livestock protection
  • Demarcating property lines
  • Hanging equipment (e.g., planters and watering lines)
  • Tying crops (e.g., fruits, vegetables, and flowers) to supporting structures

Contact the Experts at Coastal Wire for Your Agricultural Wire Needs

In 1978, Coastal Wire Company began operations in a rented facility as a manufacturer of high-carbon spring wires for the bedding industry. In 1980, we shifted our focus to producing black annealed, automatic baling wire and bale ties. In 1990, we opened our own plant dedicated to the manufacture of automatic baling wire. Since then, we’ve expanded our operations several times to accommodate growing customer demand.

Over four decades and 60,000 square feet of manufacturing space later, we remain dedicated to providing high-quality wire products and services to our customers. Our agricultural wire comes in a variety of gauges, tensile strengths, and coating weights to suit different application requirements. They are available as 2,000 lbs. bulk carriers or 100 lbs. coils.

To learn more about our agricultural wire offerings or discuss your needs with one of our experts, contact us or request a quote today. One of our representatives will answer and address any questions or concerns you may have.

The perfect combination of a smooth, flawless finish with the tensile strength that comes from a high carbon wire. This product is the ideal choice for premium growers around the world who require a wide array of wire gauges, tensile strengths, and coating weights, while meeting budget needs. Available in 2000 lbs. bulk carriers or recoiled in manageable 100 lb. coils. Preferred choice for hanging grapes, flowers and watering lines. Give us a call today to customize your order specifically for your vineyard.

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