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Parts produced by Coastal Wire CompanyCoastal Wire Company is now manufacturing and providing parts and service for all tier systems. Coastal Wire Company parts meet or exceed all Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications for performance. All parts have been thoroughly inspected and tested for quality and performance. Coastal Wire Company parts are made from high quality tool steel. None of our parts at this time utilize casting procedures which is a cheaper way of manufacturing parts. All parts are made using top of the line Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment.
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We offer our customers access to Certified and Factory Trained technicians using the best in diagnostic tools and skills to help repair your Wire Tie Machine. We offer customizable service packages determined by customer needs, in addition to our emergency service options. We offer Ultimate, Performance and Standard service level agreement options for equipment, providing protection from unexpected interruptions, minimizing downtime with uninterrupted equipment solutions from Coastal Wire. We offer discounts for facilities with multiple systems. Parts discounts are offered based upon which service agreement is chosen. Your business can benefit from improved customer communications management. It’s our business to know the recycling industry.

Our team has demonstrable mastery in diagnosis, prevention, and ongoing maintenance of recycling equipment. They can quickly respond to and resolve machine issues. Simply by picking up the phone, our advanced diagnostic technicians can identify and resolve your service issues; implementing remedies to improve performance in minutes. Alternatively, we can dispatch our service representatives for a personal touch.

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