The Heavy-Duty Wire Strapper Built From Experience

Coastal Wire partnered with Cranston Machinery to build the latest innovation in wire strapping

Introducing the MDC 24/7 Two Ram Wire Strapper,

MDC 24-7

engineered with features that save wire, time and money. The self-lubricating strapper conserves wire by creating smaller, tighter knots, plus, it blows out the tying head to keep it clean and running smoothly. The head assembly and track system also benefit from auto lubrication, making this the low-maintenance, user friendly wire strapper for your operation.

Designed for Optimal Performance

The MDC 24/7 features a 7.6″ knot length and 95% knot strength to ensure efficient wire use versus 9.8″ on other machines. Four driven reversible wheels with built-in wear gauges produce more surface contact to optimize traction. Plus, wear parts can be replaced in 10 minutes or less.

  • Proximity switches with indicator lights for improved diagnostics
  • Simple, clean hydraulic system with automatic lubrication for extended life
  • Floating gripper for optimized knot strength and durability
  • Bottom track deflector for reduced contamination

Easy to Use & Maintain

  • On-board controller for rapid retrofit on existing balers
  • Plug-in switches and valves for quick, accurate changeover
  • Tilt-back head for easy maintenance access
  • Bolt-on ejector arms for fast replacement

Durable, Available Parts

  • Right- and left-hand feed and custom sizes available
  • High-quality commercial components
  • Parts built for long life, even with heavy-duty use (using grade 165-170 wire)
    • Twister gear ———————- 350,000 cycles
    • Eight-sided cutter blade — 300,000 cycles
    • Cutter block ———————- 350,000 cycles
    • Floating gripper isnet ——- 175,000 cycles

Our products are built to last and use less wire – pre-order yours today by calling us at 1-800-768-9473

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